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Our Business
Our Vision
MYCRO is an innovative , hi-tech company that provides a complete solution of scientific industry, supplying scientific and laboratory equipment to the universities, research institutions and industries.
We have a professional team with abundant experience in the field of scientific industry, who brings cutting-edge technologies from our partners globally to our valued customers locally. Our products are being used in application areas such as semiconductor, chemistry, optical communication, biology, medical, clean energy research, environmental analysis etc.
Promoting these state-of-the-art laboratory products all over the world to the scientific customers and providing service excellence locally to them are our aims and goals. We see the scientific researchers as our customers in promoting better solutions to work out and better quality of life for mankind.

Professional Technical Support Team

We have an experienced technical support team with professional knowledge in plasma cleaning, spin coating, testing, lithography, and developing etching.


We have sales forces and offices in the

United States,United kingdom,Hong Kong and mainland China.

Purchasing Service

Through our global supply chain management, we directly purchase from excellent oversea


Strong Sales Teamexperience
equipment sales team to closely follow up with customer needs.

Global Supply Chain

We have a complete global supply chain management which includes manufactures from Europe, US, Japan & Korea, to

provide our customers the most suitable equipment.

24 Hours Support

We provide 24 hours of support service which means we are just one phone call away when you are in need of our


Supply Globally
Serve Locally

· Global Leader in Spin Coater manufacturing.

· Spin coaters and etch, develop, clean systems.

· A leading supplier of plasma equipment to the

research community.

· Provides quality, compact, benchtop plasma

cleaners for laboratory and R&D use.


· Refractive Index Liquids and Immersion Oils.

· Highly stable Laser Liquids, mounting medias,

optical gels, fused silica matching liquids.

· Comminuted optical glass & mineralogical

reference standards, viscosity tubes, disposal beakers, Sink-Floats®, Heavy Liquids, and other

scientific and laboratory specialties.


· Laboratory Press Leaders.

· Standard laboratory presses include two-column and four-column, benchtop and floor standing;

manual and automatic presses.

· Widest array of standard choices for nearly any application.


· Technologically Advanced Mask Aligners.

· Over 35 years of experience as a premier supplier of both mask aligner and photolithography systems.


· Designs, Manufactures and Sells tools for

Semiconductor, AFM, SEM and TEM as well as

Biological and Chemical Applications.

· Pre-Calibrated and Non-Calibrated AFM probes and surfaces.

· Anti-vibration acoustic isolation system.

· General UV ozone cleaning systems.


· Plasma, Ion and Electron.

· Accurate and simultaneous measurement of thickness

and refractive index of stacked thin and thick films.

· Core technology: White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS).


· Thin film deposition with a special focus on Atomic Layer Deposition.

· Yield the optimal combination of speed, flexibility, and price.

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