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Spin Processor
Spin Processor-650 Series
Spin Processor-650 Series
Details description

Spin Processor-650 Series

Since 1985 Laurell Technologies has created a broad range of unique solutions for our customers. Laurell Technologies is the best company, equipment, and support at the lowest possible price.

Custom engineered solutions!

Easily upgradeable!

Never Obsolete!

When your process requirements change so can your system.

All 650 series spin processors come with the following benefits:

650 Digital Process Controller - easy to program without a manual with many advanced capabilities.

Time: 1 second to 99 minutes 59.9 seconds in 0.1 second increments.

Programs: twenty 51-step programs or manual mode-number of steps/program can be user reconfigured through SPIN 300.

Spin 3000 field-proven advanced PC interface software included, not required to program system.

Class 1 Bluetooth® (100meter/328ft range) - offered as standard (no cable or converter).

Fluid-control lid directs material towards rear drain - no drips encountered when opening chamber.

Clear ECTFE Lid with Ø3/4” (Ø19 mm) center opening Ø1.5” (Ø38 mm) NPP Drain Port and Nitrogen purge.

Safety door interlock (disallows rotation when door is open).

Safety door latch (requires deliberate action to open process chamber).

Safety door lock (prevents chamber opening while program is running,or during chuck rotation after program ends).

Vacuum interlock (disallows rotation when there is insufficient vacuum).

Corrosion-proof configuration (no exposed metal — therefore, no degradation using strong acids or bases).

Glovebox-ready configuration (Continuous seal purge with CDA or inert gas required).

Lifetime Process Support.

Choose a size that fits your substrate:



   Max Substrate Size


Mounting Options


650 Series

ø150mm (5" × 5")

12,000 rpm

Tabletop, In-Deck, On-Deck


650 Series

ø200mm (7" × 7")

12,000 rpm

Tabletop, In-Deck, On-Deck


650 Series

ø300mm (9" × 9")

12,000 rpm

Tabletop, In-Deck, On-Deck

(*The indicated measurements for square substrates are the length of a side)

Choose the housing material based on your process and chemistry:

Polypropylene Copolymer


Choose the motor performance that suits your process,now and in the future:

Mz Standard Performance Motor

Mz Standard Performance Motor

Choose the accessories that will help you achieve your best results:

Dispense Solutions

Chucks: Standard and Custom

Wireless Control


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