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Tergeo Plasma Cleaner
Tergeo Plasma Cleaner
Tergeo-plus Plasma Cleaner
Tergeo-EM Plasma Cleaner
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Tergeo tabletop plasma cleaners

Tabletop & remote plasma cleaners for sample cleaning, surface treatment & activation, photresist ashing

Sample cleaning & etching

Surface wettability modification

Promote bondability & adhesion

Generate oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and ambient air plasma to ash photoresist, descum after patterning, remove hydrocarbon and other types of surface organic coatings or contaminations, change surface energy and improve the bonding strength. Tergeo series plasma systems are laboratory tabletop plasma system. The maximum chamber diameter is 160mm (6.3 inch). Here are some typical applications:

Integrated circuit chip cleaning before wire bonding and packaging

TEM and SEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal

Plasma treatment for hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface wettability

Surface preparation to improve epoxy/glue bonding strength

Glass and optical fiber heads cleaning for optics, laser and communication

Improve wettability for MEMS microfluidics devices.

Photoresist ashing and descum after patterning

Device decapsulation for failure analysis.

Contact lens, medical implant and other type medical device surface treatment and activation

Tabletop plasma cleaners model:

Tergeo   Automatic tabletop plasma cleaner for research laboratories and low volume production

Tergeo-plus   Large chamber tabletop plasma cleaner for R&D, low to mid volume production

Tergeo-EM    Tabletop plasma cleaner for SEM/TEM sample cleaning


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