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UV Ozone Systems
The PSD Pro Series (PSDP-UV)
The PSD Pro Heated Series (PSDP-UVT)
The PSD Series (PSD-UV)
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UV Ozone Systems

Instruments that Work Easy-to-use, high quality, reliable and affordable

The PSD Series (PSD-UV)

The PSD Pro Series (PSDP-UV)

The PSD Pro Heated Series (PSDP-UVT)

The PSD and PSDP systems are similar in performance and dimensions, but vary in controller capability, upgradability and heated stage options.

Selecting the proper system for your application
atomic cleaning of surfaces
polymer bonding
organic molecule stripping

release of trapped inorganic molecules
microfluidic fabrication
micro and nano-patterning
UV curing

chemical surface modification
surface sterilization
surface oxidation
metal bonding prep... and more

Sample Applications

In addition to the above uses, Novascan's PSD series instruments are often used for scanning probe microscopy applications. Our instruments can be used to clean common oily films and trapped inorganic materials from AFM tips, SPM standards and surfaces. Treatment can also be used to alter surface hydrophobicity, assist in tip and surface chemical modifications, oxidize and harden tips helping to maintain tip geometry while scanning, and sharpen tips for improved lateral resolution.

Novascan instruments are used in nanotechnology, chemistry, biology, optics, electronics, semiconductor, and other scientific laboratories around the world. The PSD Series publication list continues to grow.

Sample Substrates
Silicon/Silicon Nitride/Borosilicate Glass/Silcon dioxide/

Mica/Quartz/Metals/Ceramics/Sapphire/Gallium Arsenide/

Polymers such as PDSM

Other Materials


Contaminated glass laboratory slide

after 10min.jpg

Contaminated glass laboratory slide after 10 minutes of PSD treatment

after 20min.jpg

Glass laboratory slide, decontaminated after 20 minutes of PSD treatment


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