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Precise Diagnosis & Analysis

Depending on usage, after years or even months of usage, your spin coaters will start to be experiencing issues such as taking a longer time to start, loss of acceleration or unable to hit the desired RPM. It may even stop spinning entirely. Here at Mycro Asia, we are able to provide you with a precise diagnosis of what are the issues of your Laurell Spin Coater.
Routine Maintenance & Calibration
Like any good machinery, routine maintenance is very important to ensure that they are functioning at optimal level. Our team at Mycro Asia has many years of experience in servicing your spin coaters at a reasonable price. We are able to calibrate your spin coaters back to optimal level. We provide a warranty of 3 months for all maintenance and calibration servicing.
Replacement Of Original Parts
Original parts replacement option is available in the event of total breakdown, with a 1-year factory warranty given. Our service engineers are trained to isolate the faulty parts and replace them to get your spin coaters working as good as new once again.
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